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Producer---Jerome Gentry
Along with this documentary Jerome has authored and published two books: Mississippi’s Uncovered Glory which was published in 2008 (The written version of this documentary) and The Ultimate Business Bible published in 2009.  Jerome earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Jackson State University and Master of Business Administration from Mississippi College.   Jerome is a Licensed Ordained Baptist Minister.  Jerome is married to Julie Gentry and has two daughters, Deanna and Mia. Jerome now lives in Memphis Tennessee working in the small business lending industry.

Jerome was an 11th grader and the younger brother of Lepolian "Ricky" Gentry during the 1975 Callaway high school football year. Jerome started the year off as the starting running back in the same backfield as his brother Ricky.   Although rushing for over 100 yards during the first game, Jerome was moved to the all famous position of nose guard.  Coach Allman would later make the quote about Jerome as, "The littlest nose guard in the world".  Jerome went on to start the rest of the season at the nose guard position. Jerome had speed and quickness that made him almost impossible to block by opposing teams.  During that year, Jerome received  All-Conference honors. Jerome would later move back to the running back position during his senior year and rush for almost 1,000 yards.  After his senior year, Jerome signed a football scholarship with Jackson State University.             

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   Mississippi's Uncovered Glory --  Jerome Gentry