Beyond The Glory

   Mississippi's Uncovered Glory --  Jerome Gentry



Beyond The Glory

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This is a true story about the unity of black and white high school football team members in Jackson Mississippi during 1975 working together to create a powerful bond of brotherhood while playing the game of football at Jackson Callaway high school.  Hear the players talking about the unique brotherhood of that team. This documentary should

be a part of your collection of Mississippi history.  This documentary represents the historical understanding of the state of Mississippi along with the college connections below:
Mississippi State University
Alcorn State University
Jackson State University
University of Southern Mississippi
University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
Mississippi Valley State University

The school Jackson Callaway High School located in Jackson Mississippi   was the leader in the desegregation of public schools in the state of Mississippi.  5 years after the integration of public schools in Mississippi, this prep high school football team became the first Mississippi prep high school football team to record a perfect 12-0 record and  ranked as the No. 1 team in the state. 
-  4 players received All-American Honors
-20 of the 21 starters attended college
-16 players made All-Conference Honors
-  9 of the 21 starters received

      All-Big Eight/All-State Honors

-13 of the 21 starters signed football 

       scholarships to major colleges 


Lepolian "Ricky" Genty was the starting fullback all three of his high school years at Jackson Callaway and was heavily recruited by just about every major college in the country. He was 6'1, 212lb and a two time high school All-American. He helped lead the Callaway Chargers to the 1975 state championship. He died 1977 in his sleep  of complication from a football brain injury  during the summer of his college freshman year. (Jackson State University). He was 19 years old.

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